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大路 剛

Goh Ohji

感染症内科医 神戸大学医学研究科准教授
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Kobe University. Infectious Diseases Internal medicine. Certified by the International Society of Travel Medicine as a Travel Medicine Specialist, Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, Certified by the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine as a General Internal Medicine Specialist, Japanese Society of Infectious Diseases, and others.

感染症診療を中心として臨床医療と社会への橋渡しを行っている。医学部附属病院感染症内科、臨床検査部、感染制御部と横断的な活動を行っている。また学外でも神戸市感染症診査協議会の外部委員や医療産業都市における企業の倫理委員会委員等にも関わっている。He provides a bridge between clinical care and society with a focusing on Infectious Disease Treatment. He is working cross-sectionally with the Department of Infectious Diseases, the Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine, and the Department of Infection Control at Kobe University Hospital. He is also involved in off-campus activities such as serving as an external member of the Kobe City Infectious Disease Surveillance Council and as a member of the Ethics Committee of a company in the Medical Industry City.

<講演内容 / Speech content>

COID-19は、2019年12月に新規コロナウイルスとして確認されたSevere acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2(SARS-CoV-2)が原因となっています。2020年初頭からCOVID-19はほぼ全世界で流行しています。COVID-19による世界の死者数は500万人を突破しました。一方、私たち人類は、このウイルスに対するいくつかの武器を手に入れました。私は2022年のCOVID-19に関するそうした話題を取り上げます。

COID-19 was caused by Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), which was identified as novel coronavirus on December 2019. Since early 2020 COVID-19 has been endemic almost all over the world. The global death toll from Covid-19 surpassed 5 million. On the other hand, we human beings get the several weapon against this virus. Here I overview the topics of COVID-19 in 2022.

大路 剛
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