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奥村 弘

Hiroshi Okumura

Professor at the Graduate School of Literature, Kobe University. Modern Japanese history. Inheritance of disaster culture.

災害文化の継承を専門としており、阪神淡路大震災以降は、地域遺産の保存活用の実践的研究を行っている。 歴史資料ネットワーク代表委員、内閣府「文化財保護と防災まちづくりに関する委員会委員」等にも関わる。文学部の地域連携センター事業責任者として、この分野での大学と市民との連携事業を展開している。

He specializes in the Inheritance of Disaster Culture, and since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, he has been conducting practical research on the preservation and utilization of regional heritage. He is also a representative member of the Network for Historical Materials and a member of the Cabinet Office's Committee on the Protection of Cultural Properties and Urban Planning for Disaster Mitigation. As the project leader of the Center for Regional Collaboration in the Faculty of Letters Kobe University, he is developing collaborative projects between the university and citizens in this field.

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奥村 弘
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