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溜 幸生

Yukio Tamari

Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd. (TEPSCO)


Yukio Tamari has extensive professional experience, both as a researcher and as practicing engineer in the field of geotechnical earthquake engineering. He received his Master of Engineering degrees from the Kobe University (Japan) and Doctor of Engineering degree from the University of Tokyo (Japan). Working in TEPSCO, he has worked on a variety of geotechnical engineering projects and research projects.

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Earthquakes and tsunamis are one of the major natural disasters in Japan. A strong earthquake will destroy infrastructures and buildings and other facilities in a city, and a tsunami will strike the city after the earthquake, causing injuries and death of many people.
In recent years, the research group of M. Hori et al has developed “Integrated Earthquake Simulation” (hereafter “IES”) which can take response of buildings by strong motions and tsunami and tsunami run-up as well as evacuation of people in consideration. We applied “IES” to existing cities for the purpose of utilizing it in the private sector. In this talk, I will show the outline of the method, model construction, simulation results, and explain the effects and problems in application.

溜 幸生
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