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金井 司

Tsukasa Kanai

サステナビリティ推進部 フェロー役員 チーフ・サステナビリティ・オフィサー
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
Sustainability Management Department
Executive Manager Chief Sustainability Officer

2018年4月より現職。同社グループのサステナビリティ業務全般を統括。企業年金初のESG (SRI)ファンドの開発や、環境不動産業務の立ち上げ、 世界初の自然資本評価型環境格付融資やポジティブ・インパクト・ファイナンスの開発、テクノロジー・ベースド・ファイナンスチームの組成等を手掛ける。 21世紀金融行動原則「持続可能な地域支援ワーキンググループ」座長。 環境省「地域におけるESG金融促進事業」意見交換会メンバー、内閣府「地方創生SDGs金融調査・研究会」委員等。He has been in his current position since April 2018. Oversees overall sustainability operations for the company group. Developed the first ESG (SRI) fund for corporate pensions, launched environmental real estate business, developed the world's first natural capital valuation type environmental rating loan and positive impact finance, and formed a technology-based finance team. Chairman of the 21st Century Financial Behavior Principles "Sustainable Community Support Working Group". Member of the Ministry of the Environment's "ESG Financial Promotion Project in the Region" Opinion Exchange Meeting, and member of the Cabinet Office's "Regional Revitalization SDGs Financial Research and Study Group".

<講演内容 / Speech content>


The expansion of “ESG investment” has been remarkable and has become an indispensable concept in the financial and capital markets.
In light of the fact that ESG investors can no longer be ignored in the management and business promotion of each company and the resolution of piles of social issues,
this session will discuss the background of the importance of ESG investment and the transition of evolution.
I will explain.And nowadays, not only ESG but also investors and financial institutions who sing "impact" are increasing.
Why is it "impact" now, and what does it mean to set "impact creation" as the significance of financial existence (purpose)?
Then, we will introduce the synergistic effects of technology and finance through the efforts of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank.

金井 司
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